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1.5 L Metal Cylinder

1.5 L Metal Cylinder

77,00 lei
If you want an orderly kitchen, you're going to need the right containers—and ideally ones that can do double-duty, because nothing in that room ever stays static. English heritage label HAWS rescues you from culinary chaos with practical and versatile storage solutions, like the 1.5 Litre Container. Whether you use it as a flower vase or to keep all your cooking utensils in one handy place, one thing is certain: this rust-free, galvanised powder-coated steel container will be keeping your things orderly for years to come.

Additional Information

Brand HAWS
Designed in Great Britain
Material Galvanised, Powder-Coated Steel
Color Red
Measurements H: 20 cm Ø 10 cm. Vol: 1.5 L.
Weight 500 g

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