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Book Rack

Book Rack

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Bookshelves are ruled by a drive to organise, and pretty frequently book lovers develop their own system to catalogue and store. A little yellow-spined book between some photography volumes or poetry between the crime novels? A capital offence. It would probably do our books some good to lighten up about the whole thing. The unconventional bookshelves by Danish label agustav make loosening up easy-peasy. From a solid oak ledge, 12 hooks with cords can be simply moved around to let your books swing around, letting it all hang out. The cords are adjustable in length, so whether you’re into different heights or a traditional straight line, you’re still in control. Let your books teach you a new lesson in personal library management.

Additional Information

Brand agustav
Designed in Iceland
Material Oak Wood, Waxed Cotton Cord
Color Shelf: Natural Wood. Cord: Beige.
Measures L: 70 cm H: 4 cm B: 2 cm. Cord: approx. 36 cm.
Weight 1.5 kg
Comment 12 adjustable hooks with space for 12 books. Wall-mounting screws included.

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